In May-June of this year (this is written in 2021), I went through a phase where I hated everything I painted. My style was in turmoil again and every piece seemed blah.

From the kind people of the internet, I came across a tip of doing quick sketchbook paintings when stuck in your art. These should usually be from reference, so that the mind is freed up from thinking of what to draw, and can focus fully on how to do it. 

It's also recommended to switch to a new medium to freshen things up, so I found myself in the world of pencil colours and oil pastels- a change from my usual wet media, oil paint brushes (this is all on the iPad though).

For reference, I chose my favourite visual feast of a movie Trikal by Shyam Benegal (1985). People often go outdoors to draw from life, but I love the comfort of my home, and besides, have you SEEN the movie? It's a delight for any Goaphile and history buff.

The following are some quick sketches akin to groping about in the dark to figure out where the path lies; eventually you find yourself going in a certain direction. 



By the last sketch here, I was suddenly sure of how I wanted to paint next and quickly abandoned the project. (I'm all for abandoning things the moment they're not working out for you. This is been a vastly helpful and slightly problematic outlook.)

Over time I have come to realise that these phases occur ever so often, just when you think you've figured out how to paint. But now I welcome the uncertainty instead of worrying about it because I definitely wouldn't want to paint the same thing till I die- that is just dead repetition.

We are on an adventure of discovery. It's a human malady!

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  • I think, besides doing paintings (where you are already an expert) you should also try writing because you surely have a great flair for that too! Like Mr Behram Contractor, you just go writing lucidly about any experience in life that touches your heart. My blessings are always with you my dear!

    Shreenivas Kashelkar

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