About me:

I did some research on writing a blog, and all the tips insisted on an introduction as the first post. The "stand up and say a few things about yourself" is legit the stuff of nightmares for me and I’d rather eat my own arm. But thank the lord it is from behind a screen now, so here goes:

  • My name is Richa Kashelkar and I am a self-taught artist. I studied architecture but ended up pursuing photography as a profession. I now paint full time. I live in Goa with my husband and a sassy dog. 

  • I took a long time to call myself an artist because I refused to believe I could be one. *Without formal education? Are you out of your mind?* What is it about this term that is so enticing and intimidating at the same time? 

  • This photo is from 5 years ago but it's my only one with a laptop and seemed appropriate here. This was my peak hippie phase of bindis and Om kurtas and living in cheap beach shacks. With time I have outgrown the tie-dyes and dodgy accommodations, but at heart I am always the rebel hippie.

  • I regard most conventions of society with contempt, but I am enchanted by the human experience itself. I am a recluse, but one that is continually optimistic about life and hopelessly in love with its beauty.

Purpose of the blog:

The blogging tips also insisted on outlining a direction for the blog in the first post.
Honestly? It's going to be a surprise for me too.

The main reasons it occurred to me to write a blog were: a) I enjoy writing, and
b) I heard somewhere how interesting and beneficial it can be to keep a blog, as a journal of sorts to accompany you on your art journey. To note down things you are drawn towards, to vent about the ones you think are problematic. 

To basically just discuss art & aesthetics, the meaning of beauty, observations on life, and such faffy affairs with other afficionados. Welcome! 


In conclusion (another tip from the blog lords): 

This will likely be a compilation of spontaneous essays about the art life, but with slightly more honesty and less embarrassment than what you feel posting on Instagram. An open diary, if you may.


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