Q: How long does it take for the prints to be delivered?
  1. We print the artworks fresh for every order.
  2. Domestic orders: Standard shipping takes up to 12 working days and Express shipping takes 7 working days. 
  3. International orders: It takes up to 12 working days.
  4. Do note that there can sometimes be a delay of a couple of days due to unforeseen circumstances.)
Q: Will the prints come with a frame or without?
  1. Paper prints come without a frame. 
  2. Canvas prints are stretched over a wooden frame.
  3. For international orders, canvas prints above size 16x20 inches are sent unstretched. This is because shipping charges turn out to be too high with large frames. The artworks will have a coloured border (for the sides of the frame) and extra canvas fabric, so it can be easily stretched by a local framer.
Q: Will the prints come with a frame or without?
  1. For framing suggestions, I would suggest wooden frames with a wood polish (sometimes you can even choose painted wood if that works out for your aesthetic). I would advise against synthetic materials like plastic-derivates, since they don't match the vibe of the paintings.
  2. I would also strongly recommend not having a pure white mount around the artworks; it makes the artworks appear duller in comparison. My best suggestions would be to go without mount, or have an off-white one.
  3. You can frame the paper prints with or without glass. It looks great without glass; you can see the texture of the paper, and it feels closer to an original artwork. But the drawback is that it is not as safe from water-related accidents as a framed artwork. So you can make that choice depending on what is more important to you.
Q: Could you give any more information about the prints and framing?
(I just made up this vague-ass question to say everything else that was remaining)

  1. The look of both the paper & canvas is textured and matte.
  2. These artworks are printed on acid free, archival materials which are meant to last for at least 80-100 years without degrading.
  3. They are sprayed with a matte varnish for further protection.
  4. In terms of quality or longevity, both paper and canvas are equal. Which one you choose is just a matter of aesthetics.