Richa Kashelkar | Ekta & Ajay
Contemporary wedding, portrait and architectural photographer from India, Richa Kashelkar. Currently based in Goa.
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Ekta & Ajay

It is such an unfair idea for any photographer to choose a wedding as their favourite, because it’s never a uni-dimensional answer. A wedding isn’t a singular thing, neatly wrapped, that you can favour one over the other. There are some that the photographer in you gushes over- the brilliant light and your own happy accidents of some great ego-boosting pictures, and there are some which make you sad that you were just a fleeting presence in the lives of the people you photographed.

For all the times that a wedding photographer has cribbed about the many difficult moments of being present in a full-blown celebration of near-strangers, there are times when a family welcomes you so wholeheartedly into their own that you feel secretly guilty about accepting payment from these sudden new friends of yours. This was one such experience, and I will let the pictures speak. I felt like such a part of this celebration that I could be a total creep and photograph people without actually affecting the moment.

It made the whole process of photographing their wedding so very simple and fun, multiplied by the fact that the wedding in itself was filled with people who knew how to celebrate, and how to love. This warmth is something I hope I experience more as the years go by. There is no bigger perk of this profession.