Richa Kashelkar | Saajid & Sophia
Contemporary wedding, portrait and architectural photographer from India, Richa Kashelkar. Currently based in Goa.
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Saajid & Sophia

Over the years as I kept shooting, I developed an aversion for gimmicks in photos. Every time I took a picture which was so obviously staged and which was nothing close to what those people were in real life, I flinched a bit. Like a particularly awkward lie that we all pretend to not notice.

But there are some couples who bring along their own drama, and since it is their own and very real, it looks immensely endearing in pictures instead of vain and shallow. Because that is how they are, hiding it would actually be a lie. This is Saajid and Sophia, creating such pictures at their shoot which I alone would never have been able to pull off.

Followed by photos of their reception which was a warm gathering of everyone that mattered– one of the most thoughtful ones I’ve seen. Mumbai, May 2014.