Richa Kashelkar | PRICING
Contemporary wedding, portrait and architectural photographer from India, Richa Kashelkar. Currently based in Goa.
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~ Pricing ~

I have personally experienced how difficult wedding planning can get, and having a quick idea of the price range of services you are interested in is quite helpful.

So even though my quote can vary sometimes, I would like to give you a general idea of our pricing and details for you to start with.

* Our per day pricing for wedding photography ranges from 1,60,000 INR to 2,00,000 INR per day.  (Depending on how long or short your events are.)

* There is no strict limit on the number of hours or the number of pictures provided.

* The deliverables will be high resolution images, all personally hand-edited by us.

* A couple portrait shoot is complimentary, if done on the days we are hired for. For a separately timed/located couple shoot, the charges are 30,000 INR.

* A hard bound coffee table album can be included at an additional cost of 30,000 INR, including the designing, revisions, printing, shipping.

I would love to hear from you if you want to discuss further; you can write to me at


I love to photograph people- couples, individual portraits, children or even pets!
If you are interested, here are a few details:

* I charge 35,000 INR for portrait shoots.

* This would last for about 2 hours.

* There is no strict limit on the number of pictures delivered, but they are usually somewhere in the range of 30 to 60 pictures, depending on how the shoot goes.

* The deliverables comprise of high resolution images personally processed by me.

Architectural Shoots

I have studied to be an architect, and even though I don’t practice it, I am very passionate about it. Architectural photography is where I can combine my understanding and sense of aesthetic of both these fields.

* The pricing for an architectural shoot is approximately 35,000 INR. These shoots vary vastly depending on how much area is to be covered and the various intricacies of the place to be photographed, so this amount is just an average benchmark.

* The deliverables will be high resolution images personally processed and corrected by me.