Richa Kashelkar | About Us Richa Kashelkar Goa Photographer
Contemporary wedding, portrait and architectural photographer from India, Richa Kashelkar. Currently based in Goa.
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When I left my job as an architect and started photography over six years ago, I didn’t know what my style was going to be like, nor did I know how to go about finding it. But I was naive back then in thinking that it was something I could choose later out of a wide array of options placed in front of me, for that is not how it works at all.

What sort of photographs you take is a direct projection of how you are as a person; what kind of books you read, what your taste in clothes is like, how you drink your tea, what your feelings are about the enormousness of the universe and how honest you are about it all to yourself- everything comes together in shaping you as an individual, and eventually your art.

As someone who doesn’t like or understand artificiality and gimmicks in real life, our photographs reflect who we are as people- sincere, fun and with no tolerance for the fake. Our editing style is also on similar lines- we do not use filters and effects on photos. Instead, we carefully process them to make sure they look classy and timeless, so they will be as relevant 50 years down the line as they are now.

Pavan and I consider wedding photography as a form of photojournalism and not a mass-market business strategy, which is one of the reasons why we haven’t expanded into a team and shoot in bulk, but instead choose to work with clients who share our sentiments about wedding photographs- that they are a beautiful and honest narrative of your wedding day, not a passing trend devoid of meaning.

And so it is that we shoot from our heart, and try to document a wedding as closely but unobtrusively as we can. So that when you see these photos many years later, you will be looking back through time at your own wedding as it happened, and I hope that it will feel like you are seeing it from a dear friend’s perspective, not just a photographer’s.


Instead of doing a standard ‘About Us’ section which we all know nobody reads, I thought of putting together some photos of the both of us, so as to give you a small glimpse into our lives.

I have a formal education in Architecture and Pavan in Engineering. Ever since he has joined me as a photographer, it’s as if I now have an extra set of limbs and (very observant) eyes, and I thank my stars that we’re able to function together so seamlessly.
Originally from Mumbai, we now live in Goa where we can be as away from an urban life as practically possible. In our free time, we love to read, cook, eat and travel to quiet places. Another of our current daily rituals is going up to our terrace every evening and watching Nat Geo live as it unfolds in the fields and skies behind our house in the form of a plethora of animals and birds! 🙂

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