Richa Kashelkar | Gwyneth & Euston
Contemporary wedding, portrait and architectural photographer from India, Richa Kashelkar. Currently based in Goa.
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Gwyneth & Euston

Pavan and I are back home after what feels like forever. Even the trees and grass have done a seasonal shift while we were away!

On our first day back, I was scheduled to photograph this phenomenal couple whose wedding we shot in February (which is stunning and in the pipeline for another blog post!), and oh God it was so sweet; Gwyneth & Euston are some of the most chilled out and outrageously fun people I’ve met, and it was only fair that their free spirit, their love for the sea and the sun be a part of their photos. A breezy sunset at a beach that holds fond memories for me, and a couple that embodies Goa – so deeply yet so effortlessly in love. 🙂

The shoot started with a few beers because it was too hot, lasted for half an hour of laughs with so many intimate moments, and ended with all four of us going for a drinks & dinner at a fancypants restaurant nearby! 😀

Oh man, I feel we are truly truly lucky to get to work with people who blur the boundaries between work and play. When your work is photographing them, nothing could be better.